#SkinCare: Updated Carrot Oil Routine.

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This was a very exciting post working on. It was quite challenging and risky. I was super scared but it turned out so great, I am still in shock on how well it turned out!

As few of you know, I had a post a couple of months ago on how to make carrot oil. I am so happy to announce that I have tried out another method (which surprisingly isn't new - but it was for me) and to be honest, it gets the same result in a couple of hours! You don't have to wait for 4 weeks anymore.

I keep saying this - Laziness brings out the best in some people, they always find the shortest way to sort things out. LOL

All you need is...


It's called a "CROCK POT". I shall be opening mine with you (well as at the time of this post). I'd use coconut oil as the carrier oil - I mean, coconut oil fixes everything innit?? Lol.

Upon opening, you can see it is firmly secured as the contents are breakable.

That's all folks. I cleaned the stoneware(the one with the lid) prior to usage. You are advised to anyway. After cleaning, I got a grater and got to work. 

These pictures are quite explanatory. I got about 4 carrots for the quantity I needed. 

Satisfied with the quantity of grated carrots I had, I proceeded to add pure coconut oil to it. I ensured it was well over the carrots as you want to get the best out of the carrots. 

I have just two controls on my crockpot - Low Heat and High Heat. Low Heat obviously would take a longer time to cook, I'd advise you use the high heat option and ensure you are checking the progress from time to time. 

I left it on that for about 4 hours. Yup. Just 4 hours and the house started smelling of coconut. That was the point I started panicking thinking I had destroyed the pot. LOL. It was just perfect. You should see bubbles like the image below.

All you need do at this stage is let it cool. Switch it off from the knob and on the mains (AKA socket). I left it overnight to cool off as I started making it late in the evening.

I squeezed out the carrot with my hand to see if I was satisfied with the color of the carrot oil. I wasn't exactly satisfied so I plugged in back for another 2 hours under High heat.

Please Note: You can't tell yet if you are satisfied with the consistency until it is cool. Do NOT try to squeeze it while it is hot please. LET IT COOL OFF.

What I noticed was, it went back to its clear state after the 2 hours cook. This doesn't mean your effort has gone down the drain (like I thought, lol). Just let it cool off.

Final squeeze! Mix it up properly then squeeze out the carrot from the mix. You'd still have some settled at the bottom of the pot that you can't squeeze out, get a piece of fabric using that as a sieve.

As you'd imagine, keeping this oil fresh and free from bacteria is as important as making it. One would need to mix it with essential oils. Luckily, these essential oils double up as anti-inflammatory so it works great on the skin. I have a list of essential oils here. I added in drops of each of the ones in the image below.

After mixing it all in, leave it all in for about 30 minutes before transferring into a bottle.

And there you have it, the final look of the carrot oil. Total time used : 7-8 hours.

I can still work with 8 hours instead of waiting 4 weeks for the same product. WINNING!

Hope this was explanatory enough.

If you want to purchase this crockpot, here's a similar one on their website or you search on Amazon for it. I tried checking Jumia and Konga for it but couldn't find them.

Have a yummyyyyyyyy day!!

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