#SkinCare: Updated Indian Clay Routine.

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I am working hard to ensure that posts are delivered at the stipulated time (Wednesdays and Saturdays). I have even decided to keep my DSLR aside and work with my phone for faster images. Best Decision I think I've made.

Ok, let's just get straight into it. I have a post already on using the Indian Healing Clay showing instructions on what to use and what not to use when preparing it. Here, I have an updated version as I have found that the previous one is slightly too harsh on sensitive skin. 

I came up with this updated method to help everyone as it cuts across the dry, sensitive and oily skinned people - Need to know where you belong with your skin? Click here.

If your skin is extremely oily and you think this method might not work for you (although, I'd advise you try it first to be totally convinced it doesn't work for you), you can continue with the previous method.

But if you are also finding the old method harsh on your skin, here's a list of the improved ingredients.

Here. we've got

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Vitamin E Oil
  3. Tea Tree Oil
  4. Shea Butter
  5. Turmeric
  6. Honey (Not Pictured)
These might look like it is even more work but what I've discovered is that it is not only easy to wipe off but it has added benefits such as the Vit E oil, tea tree oil, and shea butter addition. I have a post already on the benefits of the oils listed as well as other oils I use for most of my posts. 

Thankfully, there's no reason to explain all that anymore. Yay!  I'd just dive straight into how I was able to mix it all up.

Inasmuch as I have stressed it on the previous post, I think it's important to iterate it here that all these ingredients MUST be mixed with a non-metal object as the Indian clay reacts with metal. Metal displaces the charges on the clay itself. You are advised to use either plastic or wood or you can just mix with your finger,

Starting off with shea butter. Please ensure you use a pea size to avoid having an extremely oily face. You still need the Clay to stick to your skin for as long as possible. Adding a lot of shea would, in fact, prevent that.

Shea Butter

Next, I move onto the oils. Tea Tree Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E Oil. Please, Please and PLEASEEEE, all you need is a drop! one DROP!

Tea Tree Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Avocado Oil

Once you have all that in, add in the Turmeric

Turmeric Powder

After you have added all of them and you are satisfied, you can finally add the Indian Clay followed by Apple Cider Vinegar. The Indian Clay mixes in better with ACV than water (water makes the mixture slightly lumpy - this doesn't mean it goes bad though but if you want a smoother application, I'd strongly advise using ACV).

Like I wrote earlier, the mixture becomes porous once it comes in contact with ACV so give it time to settle then apply on your face,

Leave it on till it gets dry and hard before washing off. I have the process of removal already on the blog. 

Easier eh?

I felt relief after adopting this method. I hope you find it easy too,

With Love,

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