#LabalabaFix: Double up the power of that liner.

Hey guys,

How are you all doing?

This will be a quick fix ok?

I know this has happened to me severally where I needed a lipstick shade that I didn't have. 

I mean, it becomes super slightly stressful and not-so-pocket-friendly when I need to purchase a new lipstick for that reason.

I mean, the economy isn't smiling and most makeup products are quite expensive to purchase. 

Soooooooooo, do you have a lipliner that's just lying in your makeup purse without having any major function?

Is there a particular lip color you are trying to achieve?

I'd be teaching you how to achieve any lip shade with any lip pencil you have. Yeahhhh! You can go green,purple, red, maroon, burgundy, golden, anyyyyyyyyyyything you feel like! provided you have a pencil that shade.

Let's get started now shall we??

Oh remember to exfoliate your lips first.

First Step
Line the bottom of your lip first. I'd be using "Nightmoth" lip pencil by MAC for this tutorial.

Second Step
Draw an X  to create a cupid bow (quite defined lip shape as yo might like to call it).

Third Step
Trace the lip liner round your lips.

Fourth Step
Apply the lip liner all oner the centre of the marked part.

Final Step and Look


To be quite honest, I find this more long lasting than the normal lipstick as the pencil wax sticks longer than the lipstick wax. 

It's also cheaper!

Win-Win situation! Helllllooooooooo!

Can't wait to see you guys recreate several looks. 

Have a great day beaus.

With Love,
Purple Labalaba.

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