#HowtoSpot a FAKE Mac lipstick.

Hey Lovies!!

To be quite honest, this has been "pinching" me for a bit now. I am seriously considering collaborating with makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts and product owners on a "How to spot a fake *insert item here*" series where we'd be highlighting things to look out for when purchasing a makeup item.

It might be a lengthy and thorough process but I think it'd be extremely beneficial to you. It's unbelievable how well fraudsters have been able to carefully imitate original products that people find it so difficult telling them apart. 

I am starting off with MAC lipsticks. It's only normal to speak at length about this because I am a "MAC" ambassador (in the spirit *flips hair*). I can sniff the fake from my sleep. I am that good! Or I think I am, LOL. Before they device another means. 

Let's get to it now... Shall we?

I'd be quite frank. Even seeing pictures like this, It's difficult to tell the fake and original apart as the look the same 70% packaging-wise.

All this will be tested after this!

Original Mac:
The name of the lipstick is imprinted on the packaging itself.

Fake Mac:
The name of the lipstick is a stick-on. Totally wrong!!

Once opened, the silver part of it with the MAC logo feels metallic on the original whereas on the fake, it is PLASTIC! It is quite easy to tell the fake and original apart when you open it from the packaging because the former feels lighter when held than the latter.

Size and Labeling
So I noticed that with the fake mac, the tubes are slightly larger than the original. As a matter of fact, I thought I mixed up the lids of the opened lipsticks and fixed in the wrong lid on the tube, Instantly knew it was the wrong one as the lid was quite large compared to the tube itself.

Also, the labelling is quite different. MAC would never be labelled at the bottom of the tube as seen below. Make sure you check these.

As shown below, the original mac lipstick (red) has just one slanted part. The fake one (brown) the other hand has several slanted edges.

This is an upclose picture of the fake mac lipstick with sharp edges.

The real MAC lipstick has a chocolatey smell. Literally smells like chocolate but the fake has no smell.

This will definitely be before using the actual product to enable you return. Once you use the item, it becomes void, the seller can claim it has been used. To save yourself that loss, look out for these and quietly return and ask for a refund. 

Make sure you tell them thank you. 


You can claim you just got the same color as a birthday gift if you don't want to make it obvious that you've spotted a fake.

You're welcome!

Shorter posts are beginning to excite me. Hopefully, we get better at it. 


Have a great one beaus!

With Love,
Purple Labalaba

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