#NewFragranceAlert: JoMalone "Dark Amber and Ginger Lily"

Hello Beaus!

How are you all doing!

So I teased my very good friend more or less like I bullied him  into getting me a perfume. I just mentioned the brand JoMalone and left it to him to decide which one he loved and would want to sniff when I pass by. 

All he said was okay. 

Knowing him, I wasn't expecting him to get it for me - Hol Up, Hol Up, PAUSEWomen and Wahala! *rme* really?? "You weren't expecting him to get it??" Uh-huh, tell me more...

Anyway, It was such a pleasant delight seeing him bring this baby out of his car for me. Lol!

That was how I got this particular fragrance that I love soooo much! even more than the previous ones I own. 

It's called "Dark Amber and Ginger Lily".

To say I am proud of my friend's taste is an understatement. Honestly, I don't think I'd have looked at this as there are soooo many options.

Super Amazing!

Let's UNBOX! My favourite thing to do!

I get slightly emotional knowing something was carefully packaged for me with love. Chessy much. 

But this is what it looks like and it smells divine.

If you need to get ratings on perfumes, you can visit BaseNotes. This for me is 4.6 stars, It's no surprise as most people scored it high as well. Google is your friend.

The price can be found when you search online. Lol.

What fragrance did you just acquire?

Want to share?

Email me... or Slide into my DM perhaps?...It goes DOWN in the DM.. eeyyyyyyy eyyyyy eyyyyy


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