Top 6 tips to look "onfleek" during this Recession Period. (Part 1)

Hello Darlings,

It is no news that recession is acting "funny". Whether or not it's coming, It's important to still maintain your glow during the period 

I have come up with five simple yet effective methods of looking great during this period without having to break the bank. I have split it into two parts as it might be a lengthy post and I am making an effort to change or adjust my style of writing. Instead of looking like a student-lecturer situation, I'd want it to look like a hommie-hommie situation. You get it? LOL

There might be other stuffs I miss out, you can email them to me ( OR As a matter of fact, I'd prefer it being mailed to both accounts.

Anyway, without wasting so much of yor time with senrenren (lengthy talks). Here are my TOP five tips!

Number 1: Invest in WIGS

This point here is one of my favourites , maybe that's why it is my first point! Whoever came up with this wig thing needs a hug from all angles in life! These are one of the most versatile things to do to save cost. You can literally switch up your look every day for a week.

Several people sell wigs (check Instagram or facebook for the sellers) or you can convert an old weave into a wig if you think those wigs are too expensive. Really, it's all up to you.

One ingenious idea I discovered was a trend late last year/ early this year was the "braided wig". I meannnnnn, that is the real deal. Think about it, you do not have to sit hours braiding your hair and having different people pull the hair from different areas. You literally just buy an already braided wig and that's all. ONCE!

Image Source: Google.

You are not only saving time, you are also saving cost! WIN-WIN.

Please do your research before buying though...Let me just drop that disclaimer here. Alot of these sellers steal photos to advertise so pleaseeeeeee look carefully before purchase. Nothing worse than buying the fake RIGHT thing. So heartbreaking.

I know.

I have been there.

It hurt.

Still hurts.


Number 2: Learn how to do Basic Makeup yourself

Let me tell you something - Once you get your brows right and you have the right foundation shade and texture for your skin, YOU HAVE PASSED the most important step in makeup artistry. Fullstop.

There's no need learning the hard techniques of makeup (contour, highlight, strobing etc). Basic makeup is okay to be quite honest. When you get extremely comfortable with these, you can proceed to add other techniques at a time. Don't rush it. Pace yourself.

I've got a post on getting your brows right if you need help with that (of course, you do..duh! LOL) I'd be having an updated routine using another product soon.

You can also decide to get semi-permanent brows done by The Beauty Atelier (rumour has it that these last for at least 2 YEARS! YUP!, You read that right!)

Gele-Tying too seems to be a challenge for most people. I have an easy step-to-step method of Gele-tying. Uh-huhh...You're welcome boo.

Number 3: Buy products you NEED not WANT.

I know products junkies, they just enjoy having all the products without knowing how to use them. It's unbelievable!!!!!! *points at self* I am a MAC lipstick hoarder and collector, I just enjoy having those cute black tubes in my makeup purse. I think 30 and counting??? Yeah, It's kinda bad I know. Let us even calculate the worth of those babies now...*rolling my eyessssssss*

What I have come to realise is that I do not NEED all of these lipsticks so I adopted the method of reducing collecting/buying them.

To be quite honest, all you need is FOUR shades of lipstick in your makeup purse. The "pinks", The "reds" , The "darks" and the "nudes". Outside these, I think they are all wants not needs.

When you get to the counters, try put what shades of these four lipsticks suit you and stick to them.

You save yourself money this way.

If you don't have the opportunity to try out the lipsticks before purchase, GOOGLE it! watch videos of the particular shade you want. That gives you an Idea of what it looks like before you buy.

Always remember, NEEDS not WANTS!

Why buy more than one Highlighter? Doesn't make any sense (except you are a makeup artist). Use one till it finishes then buy another. Same goes for other products...Take it easy on the collection.


Do not copy your friends...They might be able to afford such... If you are not able to do that, stick to what you have and slaayyyyyyyyyy the heck out of them! Get people wondering how you did THAT!



Imma continue in the next post or couple of posts on the last two.

For now...

SLAY on a budget boo!

With Love,
Purple Labalaba.

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