Top 6 tips to look "onfleek" during this Recession Period. (Part 2)

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So here, we have a continuation of the series "looking on fleek" on a budget.

Make sure you read from Part 1. Or just go back to that. *Kanye Shrug* lol

I feel like as time goes on, I'd have more points. If you have suggestions or points, please email them to me.
Number 4: Sell the products you do NOT need

Some people hoard up products and it ends up expiring right under their noses, what do they do next? Toss it!


It really shouldn't get to that level. Once you have more than two of the same product, sell it off. People are out looking for where to buy products at a reasonable price.

Let me try this example.

PS: The IMAGE and the EXAMPLE aren't related, though. I used this picture because I love this perfume a lot!...So much, I kept the bottle. lol!

Imagine getting a particular perfume for £60 in 2013. Bearing in mind that the naira was about 250 to £1. This means that the perfume was 15,500 as at the time you got it.

Now, your birthday is here. You open your gifts and realize someone bought the exact same perfume for you. What do you do?

SELL it!

The current price for that perfume at the current exchange rate of 600 to £1 makes the new price of the perfume 36,000.

Even if you decide to sell it for 25,000, you'd still see a buyer.

You have to be quite calculative as well. If you run out of your own perfume and you are thinking to yourself how you'd get another one, go through the same process of buying from someone else.


The reason I raised this point is because products do have a shelf life. If you don't know where to find the shelf life of your products, check the back of the product for this symbol.

If you see 3M, 6M, 12M, 36M, it simply means it has a shelf life (after being opened) for 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months and 36 Months Respectively.

I've two products I personally use that I'd use to illustrate.

When you look closely at the bottom of your perfume where you've got the size of the perfume engraved, there's an 8 out of 10 chance you'd see 36M written on it, this simply means it can last 3 years after opening.

Same goes for my body cream, it shows 12M meaning I'm expected to finish it within a year.

What I'd advise you do is sell all the extra products you have. Trust me, a year from now, Something else might work better on your skin or something else will tickle your fancy. Why dispose the item(and wasting money) when you can sell them off?

Number 5: Recycle/Repair Makeup Products

Yeah, you read that right. Recycle products!! I have written a post on reusing Zaron Brow Definer as different things ( brows, eyeshadow, contour kit and lipliner). There are so many other products like that.

Quick tip: If you need different coloured lipsticks, use your eyeshadow on a neutral or nude base (if you are following @PurpleLabalaba on Instagram, it's been illustrated).

You can also use your gold/silver eyeshadow as an highlighter if you cannot afford one.

Really, there are several products that doubleup as other things. Learn to experiment. There are also Makeup fixes on the site that shows how you can navigate your way around some products. This works great if you mistakenly "spoil" a product. Click here to learn more.

I hope to write more in the future and I also welcome suggestions. Scratch that! I'd write more in the future and I'm also welcome to suggestions from you guys.

The image below is a quick fix of your broken compact, the link has already been provided.

Number 6: Go Natural

As far as I am even concerned, this should have been number one. It is soooooooooooo darn expensive keeping up with your usual expensive body lotion/ hair lotion/ soap/ etc. 

My sister and family friend on separate occasions were complaining about how expensive their body creams were. I was just looking at them like..(----____----) O maa she oh in English - That's rather sad...

My advice? Go natural!!!!! I swear by it, you will not regret it! It is inexpensive and locally made and it is also readily available ie, It'd be hard for it to be "scarce" because the dollar is acting one kine or pounds is misbehaving. 

Invest in locally made soap such as black soap - buy the readymade ones or make one yourself.

Invest in coconut oil too (with coconut oil, you can pretty much achieve a number of oils you want). 

The truth is, these locally made products might not give you the immediate effect you'd normally get with the other products but it does the work eventually, you just need patience. 

Why spend 100k on body products when you can use it for something else? ( shade,lol)

Anyway, these are the 6 tips I am soooo sticking with during this period and I'd urge you to start thinking in that direction too. I know it's hard but hey, you gotta do wat you gotta do innit? Don't be a penny wise, pound foolish o. Move quick, Move fast.

Purple Labalaba.

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