#LabalabaOnTheMove: Converting Pencils to "Pomade"

Hi Babies!

So a new YEAR has started!! A lot has happened this past week that even I can't contain myself! Gradually, people will find out! *grinning*. I chose to post this now because I have been working tirelessly on other posts for the blog but for some reason this particular post felt just about right for today (The New YEAR, what are the odds..)

I was having a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine on managing makeup products because of the economy bla bla blaa with was in reference to my posts on looking on fleek during this recession - part 1 and part 2 just in case you missed it... To be quite honest, this idea literally popped up in the middle of our discussion and I told her I'd buzz her back in a bit to try my new experiment out (as I'd like to call it).


The Joy!


The truth of the matter is that I have never ever everrr thought of doing this and I just decided to try it out. I found out that it doesn't only save you money, it ensures you make the best use of the product itself.

These photos are quite explanatory but for the sake of those that have photos load slower than others, I'd be explaining the method.

I really hope you try it out and learn to mix and match what suits you. 

I have had this very old N100 pencil in my makeup collection for lord knows how longggggg. As per "eye haff open", I upgraded to Anastasia Brow Pomade (of which I am working on how to spot the fake) and the likes - brow gels and basically more expensive brands. I thought of it, "this brow pomade eh, if it finishes tomorrow, will I drop N8000 for it???" or I should just start looking for alternatives. I mean, one cannot be wasting money anyhow when you can switch things up. After all, it's not about the makeup brands but about the application.

Back to my conversion.

All you need is a small jar for the product transfer, a sharpener and an old pencil. The one I used is called "wild 'n lovely" and like I wrote earlier, I have had it for a very long while and I honestly didn't know what to do with it anymore.

The pencil also doubles up as an eyeliner and a lipliner. 

It takes about 5 minutes to complete this task so I'd advise you to be very patient when doing this ok?

Most times, the contents of the pencil separates itself from the wood so it makes it very easy for you to take it out as seen in the photo above.

In a careful way, smoothen the content properly in the jar to make a paste. 

First Look.
I tried tracing the shape of an eyebrow on my skin using an angled brush to see the outcome, here it was.

Some people might be fine with this very matte look but I wasn't. I simply poured *rme* added a drop of coconut oil to improve the texture and consistency.

Second Look.
I really preferred this more than the previous.

On Brows.

I tried it out on my brows using an angled brush to see if I'd loved it as much.

After use, I realised it was too red for my brows - a shade I'd never use on my brows. I'd have to test with another brown pencil for brows.

On Lips
I prefer this colour more on my lips, though. Texture (after being mixed with coconut oil) is amazing, glides on like sugar and stays on for a decent amount of time.

And there you have it, folks!

Learning to save this year will help you a whole lot!

Reuse Items.

Recycle Items.

Dont Waste.

With Love,
Purple Labalaba.

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