#LabalabaReview: Mac Retro Lipstains.

Hey Sugars!!

I know I am late on this, truth is I got it a while back, didn't just get around taking photos to review. Better late than never right?

Let's b honest, MAC Cosmetics actually came in late with this line... ahn an, when everyone has jumped on lip stains...

Nonetheless, I'd still pick Mac over any other brand. Lol, my OCD didn't change address 2017 so bear with me.

Let's get right straight to it, shall we?

I kinda got too excited and threw away the packaging for the lip stains but it does look like the regular packaging for the usual lipsticks except for the name of the lip stain is a sticker not imprinted like the normal packaging, That seems to be the only difference.

Oh wait, found another tube I got for someone. Lucky you! 😋😋😛

That's what the actual packaging looks like. The conventional black cover and a glass tube.

Anyway, I got two lip stains shades:

  • Feels So Grand (Red)
  • Oh Lady (Purple)


Oh Lady:
This is a cool-dark purple shade that glides in easily. Shades does darken after using pretty much looks like the tube. 

Feels So Grand:
If you love that "tomato-red" shade of red, this is just right for you. Quite Intense shade I must add.

What's your favorite shade?

I think the purple one, though... looks great on my skin. I am yet to find that perfect red shade for my skin yet. *rolling my eyes* don't even say, RubyWoo. lol! Another shade!!

That'd be all.

With Love,
Purple Labalaba.

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