#LabalabaOnTheMove: Revive Dried Up Gel Products.

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post on how to revive any drying gel product you have. These pictures aren't so great but they are quite explanatory. 

I'm so addicted to my phone camera now, using the mirrorless camera seems like work. Has anyone here tried the mirrorless camera? What setting do I need to get right? Sigh, my previous post, for example, was 100% phone camera. Awesome yeah? I know! 

Away from cameras, let's talk about the post, shall we?

I use these two items ever so often, I sometimes forget to cover it up in between use. They dried up faster than I could imagine.

The uninformed me would have disposed of them / replace them sharpishly but thinking of the cost of the items made me retrace my steps, ehnn I mean, who has money to be wasting about in this economy? LOL. 

The only thing I needed was HEAT and *drum rolllllsssssssssssssss* Coconut Oil. 


Coconut Oil

Never underestimate the power of that oil. NEEEVEEEERRR!


As you can see from the image above, the INGLOT eye gel liner had even cracked from dryness. The ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS brow pomade, on the other hand, was just too dry for my liking.

So I added about 3-5 drops of coconut oil in each gel product, placed it in an old bowl and popped in the microwave for 15 seconds on medium heat.

Please ensure you are checking the product while it is in the microwave oven. Stay close, please! Very important, the product AND the plastic (in this case Inglot) melts easily. 15 seconds might even be a lot. 

If you are not satisfied with it yet, pop it back in.

I didn't have as much issue with Anastasia pomade because the container it came in is made of glass - nonetheless, I ensured it was just 15 seconds.

Final look?

I let it both cool at room temperature for some hours (that's simply because I just left them there, lol) and VOILA, it was in fact back to new! The application even better than I thought.

Funny thing, someone stole the Inglot from my purse some weeks after this experiment. You really don't want to know how hurt I was. 

We lose stuff to gain more stuffs I guess. 

Let me know how it works for you!....and please guard your products, LOL!

With Love,
Purple Labalaba.

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