I'd like to set this straight. 

I know it can be exhausting trying out different skin care routines without it working as fast as it should. I want you to know that once you get your mind off it, it'd work faster. That's my philosophy- continue trying, don't let your head mess with you

Also, it is totally up to you to try out the products you feel comfortable with. In as much as most of the products listed here are 100% organic, I believe some people still react to (have allergies) to some of them. 

Please check with your doctors first before you try them out.

Pregnant folks! Please check with your doctors first before you try anything here.

I don't want to be held responsible for any reaction you have. I am learning too and open to directions /suggestions as the case may be.

Above all, I wish us all smooth and milky skins that will forever remain flawless until the end of time.

Slay baby. You have no idea how awesome you are.

With Love, 

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